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12-21-2009, 01:35 AM
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Originally Posted by KJP View Post
Yeah, what use would the Canucks have for an ex-head coach, assistant coach, goaltending coach with extensive experience in the NHL and AHL already.

What a bunch of idiots, hiring a guy with 20 years of administrative experience in pro hockey. Hanlon's family even thinks he sucks.

And Hanlon flopped in all those positions. When they dumped him in Washington the team finally took off.

He flamed out in Finland as well.

If Hanlon could get a coaching job he would have taken it. Couldn't and so took what he could. Unemployed so the Canucks throw him a bone.

No way Hanlon gets this gig without having direct connections to the club.

It's the team looking after their own. And I guess many would say who cares.

The trouble here is that the Canucks have done this for years and it has hurt the team. I've felt for a long time that the Canucks should change the culture of cronyism and insist on getting the best person - not the best connected. This team needs new perspectives, not just a recycle of old cronies. That's what Gillis promised, but i don't see it. It is the same old hiring practices the team has always done.

But why should they -there ares so many fans that will go to the games no matter what has been served up over the years.. There is very little demand for excellence in spite of all the slogans and other crap. If the fans are willing to put up with this, and believe anything they are told, why not use the situation as big piggy bank for the alumni.

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