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12-21-2009, 07:32 AM
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The basic problem is that he can't play any better than he has. It's not a matter of conditioning, work ethic, or effort.

He has lost quickness as he as aged and quickness was his primary asset during his heyday. Combined with the overall league emphasis on speed since the lockout, it has created the perfect storm that has doomed his career.

Some defensemen, as they age and lose a step make the transition to playing a more physical and stay-at-home came. Redden has not done that and simply can't.

Even though I felt that the contract was a mistake and wish him gone, I do feel for the guy. He is being overwhelmed by events that are simply out of his control. Imagine what it is like to be him now? (yes, I know it is also easy to imagine him laughing all the way to the bank to collect his enormous paycheck).

Bottom line: he is what he is, he will not get better over the long term (he might play better situationally for a game or two) but will continue to get worse as he advances in age. The Rangers need to find some way to cut their loses with him or he will continue to be a burden on the team until his contract expires in the far future.

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