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09-23-2003, 07:47 AM
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The settings has been changed a little bit from the main yahoo settings, these settings (the one I use) have been tested last year and are barely the same. They were interesting because the best forwards have as much value as the best goalers. Every positions are as important. Last year, we were 22 in the league, the winner was from Saskatoon...i went second, 45pts behind (I was first 2 days before end of season). and between seed #1 and #6 there was less than 200 pts. We had a very good bunch of players and when you have less than 200pts on around 3600pts (score of the best player..or so) can say that the league was very competitive.

the only changed in the settings from last year, is : -1 to goal and -1 to assist and +1 to points. this wont change anything in the value of a player, but when yahoo was ranking the players, we couldnt see the total points (goals+assists). With this little change, yahoo will always show the total points and we will be able to sort the players with points (thing we couldnt last year).

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