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12-27-2004, 02:21 PM
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I think you slight guys like Daneyko

Originally Posted by pleasemyboy
If you look at the numbers of these power forwards below vs. NJ you can see how they can do damage against a team like the Devils when they no longer have a big defenseman like Stevens with a high talent level to match them. Some of these stats don't tell the story either. Bertuzzi didn't score but he completely dominated that game vs. the Devils. He made an incredible play to tie the game late from what I remember.

Bertuzzi 1 Game 2 A

Modin 4 games 1 G 4 A

Thornton 2 games 2 G 1 A

Guerin 1 game 1 G 1 A

Tkachuk 1 game 1 G

Nash 1 game 1 G 1 A

NJ was always able to combat big teams with Stevens. That is no longer going to be the case. A couple of pretty good Devil fans I know who understand hockey believe without question that Lou has drafted way too small the past few years. It finally started to show vs. Philly when Stevens was not there.

Besides, NJ's style is more about team defense than it is about individual play. They stuff the middle and give you the outside.
The problem they are having is that they don't have enough experience on the backline. They will run into the same problem that the isles had, that the oilers had that montreal had. let's see you maintain the pace once the core group has grown old and you need to replace them. History shows that is doesn't happen.