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12-27-2004, 02:29 PM
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Lou has done a great job for many years. I don't like his drafting the past few years and as you said, it's hard to be good when your core starts to break down. I would loooooooove to see the game open up and players like Parise be able to create offense consistently with speed and talent. However, right now the game isn't played that way and you need big players who can score just like you need big, talented defenseman who can stop them.

You simply can't pass up on bigger, talented players for a small player in the first round unless he has franchise talent which Parise doesn't. We got Dawes late who has matched Parise in every area including the WJC's. If you look at some of these players picked after Parise, they made a mistake in my opinion

18. Eric Fehr
19. ANA- Ryan Getzlaf
20. MIN- Brent Burns
21. BOS Mark Stewart
22. EDM Marc-Antoine Pouliot
23. VAN- Canucks- Ryan Kesler
24. PHI- Mike Richards
25. FLA- Anthony Stewart