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12-22-2009, 09:05 AM
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Originally Posted by ChompChomp View Post
Just came back from the game. It was fun for our first ever Sharks road game:

1.) It's been a crazy tumultuous year with the layoff and having to move away from my home area of the Bay area and all that, so the goals for the Sharks felt REALLY good. Almost playoff good. The last goal I couldn't contain my laughter and laughed REALLY loudly. My wife felt bad for the Stars and their fans at that point. I didn't.

2.) The game felt like an opposite of a Sharks home stinker (you know, Sharks home game with tons of shots but not enough goals and the other team makes their shots count). So I guess it was a Stars home stinker goal-wise and I'll take it.

3.) The Sharks had ZERO power-plays. Really sucked to have attended or even watched a game with no Sharks power plays. Stars did take one penalty, but it was a matching minor. I think the refs were missing a few calls against the Sharks.

4.) That said, the Sharks didn't play all that great.

5.) AA Center is gorgeous. It's what, six years old but feels like its brand new. We were impressed.

6.) Stars fans have NO hockey etiquette whatsoever. They don't seem to understand to not leave your seat during play. They also lean like crazy and stand up during play and nobody says anything.

7.) My wife thought the Ice Girls were tacky, but I didn't mind. lol What you probably don't see is that the Ice Girls have a cheerleader group above lower bowl above the goal where the sharks attacked twice that were in skimpier outfits and just do simple dance routines. What was funny was that the Dallas players were more into it than the Sharks. You'd think the Stars players would be used to it and block it out and hope their opponents get distracted.

8.) The fans there cheering twice during the National Anthem was just as disrespectful as Sharks fans who boo twice during the National Anthem at Sharks/Stars games at HP.

9.) Stars fans simply aren't as loud as Sharks fans. They have to play their cheers/music over the PA really loud to make it seem like the crowd noise is louder than it actually is.

10.) Stars pre-game stuff is lame. They don't even announce the Sharks lineup the way HP at least announces the opposing teams starting lineup. They just show it on the screen 10 seconds before the National Anthem.

11.) During warm ups, a fellow Sharks fan approached us and introduced himself as the organizer of a Dallas area Sharks fan group, DFW Sharks. We were jacked because I've been looking for such a thing but couldn't find one, like on or something. They are talking having the group buy tickets to sit together for a Sharks/Stars in March. I really hope they organize playoff viewing parties at bars and stuff because I don't comfortable going to a sports bar in the Dallas area and asking them to put on a Sharks game so that would be nice. I have NHL Center Ice but a playoff party with fellow fans would be great.

All in all, a great night!

Thats awesome Chomp. My mom who moved to OKC last year actually goes down to the Stars v Sharks games when they hit a weekend. Its hard for them to take a day off (3 hour drive) to swing down there but she pretty much echo's your feelings about the place.

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