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12-22-2009, 09:21 AM
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The two best quotes from D-Wad:

"Can we afford him? The franchise can afford to pay him. The question always comes, depending on what the number is, is how much of the pie is left for the rest of the team. That's the biggest question. We've got some very good young players and we want to make sure we're positioned- when you're talking about a 10-12 year contract, you're not talking about next year and the year after. You've got to look at the next four, five and six years and make sure that with the young players that we have up and coming we're able to keep our team together. On the other side of it you don't replace these kinds of players. They don't come along too often. To say that you can replace him would be a stretch. I don't think I could sit here today and say that we could find any way to replace him, but we're not at that point and we're going to continue to try to move forward and do everything we can to get him signed."
"It's an interesting question. I think the only ting that's going to bring our fans back is if we're a winning team. We went through it a couple years ago the year we won our division and the second half of the year I think we had 11 sellouts and we sold out the two playoff games we played, and we were winning. I think this city has proved that stars themselves aren't going to sell tickets. It's going to be what the team does on the ice. I think the bigger question is that we have to make sure that we're in a position to keep moving forward and winning hockey games."
The one that scares me:

"I'm not there yet. We have to win here too. We've watched around the league what's happened the last few years. Some guys remain with their team throughout the year. we have many options. If we can't sign him a trade isn't the only option. we have other options."

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