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Originally Posted by ChompChomp View Post
I did mention it here. I was laid off from my job in the Bay Area back in May and was out of work for a while. Had to dump my Sharks season tickets. I never wanted to leave my home area of the Bay Area, BUT for my line of work there were plenty of jobs in Texas and the cost of living is lower (We bought a huge 4 year old house dirt cheap...3700 sq. ft house built in 2005 with a gameroom that made for an easy dedicated home theater conversion that we just finished, all for $210k) and no state income tax. I told my wife if I have to live here in the middle of nowhere in the DFW area, I need my dream dedicated HT when not at work. And I got it, 100" 16:9 pull up screen (already had that), 180" 2.35:1 painted on screen, 2 HT recliners (Already had that too), a 7.1 speaker system I put together with Klipsch high end speakers, etc)

Ended up landing a great job in Dallas and physically been in Dallas since mid November. I hate not being in the Bay Area, but Dallas isn't so bad. Could be a lot worse, I was also talking to firms in Houston. Would have been even worse for hockey (And IMHO, simply a more unpleasant place to live).

All of this made this first Sharks at Stars game (for us) extra special and those goals REALLY felt good!

As much as I don't like the Stars, I like the fact that here in the DFW area they only have one team per major pro sport. That means where I live, about 30 miles Northeast of AA Center (25 miles away from my office), in a suburb that is semi-rural, you see many people wearing Stars gear and when I wear Sharks gear people exchange friendly smiles and nods, it's cool. Go 30 miles north of SJ (like SF), and you never see even a Sharks sweater. I firmly believe it's because the Bay Area has way too many sports teams. On the flip side, you can be in proper Dallas, TX, not even 5 or 10 miles away from the arena, and lay people don't even know who the San Jose Sharks are, although we are one of the Stars biggest rivals. Yesterday I was carrying around my jersey to work and then put it on and people in my office building obviously didn't know who the Sharks were and co-worker said, looking at the logo on my jersey, "Oh, your Ducks are in town tonight, right?" I raised my voice, "DUCKS?? Are you kidding me?? SHARKS!!!!"
I can certainly relate, similar story. I didn't get laid off, but I hated my job (I was doing small business IT) and my wife was working outside her field. I told her if she could find a new job in her field I would be willing to relocate for her.

Ended up finding a great job in Reno for her, and I got lucky and found the best job I have ever had (IT Manager for a local company). Like you I bought a big old house for dirt cheap ($255k, 2900sq/ft, big lot, loaded, view of Mt. Rose) and dedicated one room for a HT (which I have not been able to afford to start just yet). Also had to give up my season tickets!

It's been great though. I love the people up here, my job is great, I can be on a ski-lift in 20 minutes flat (season tickets!) and it really is beautiful here.

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