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12-22-2009, 11:13 AM
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Some teams respond positively to that kind of workout (see the 1980 Olympic team and the '94 Rangers coached by Keenan, among others), but I doubt that Lavi is making the players do far more than other coaches in the league.

More than likely these guys are just not used to being put through their paces. Stevens wasn't the kind of guy who would make a player do extra suicides or anything like that. Pronger, in his post-game interviews, doesn't even seem to hint that the players are tired or overworked, and usually a player tries to put in a subtle jab at the coach if that's the case. He puts the blame solely on the work ethic of everyone - I would probably tend to believe him. They need to play with passion.

They also need to play smarter - some of these boneheaded stupid plays where we finally get some momentum the other way and everyone goes off on a line change is incredibly frustrating to watch.

This team needs another shake up, not for the coach to 'lighten up'. Just my two cents.

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