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12-22-2009, 11:46 AM
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I figured that most people would come in to this thread and say that they hope Lavi is working them to death. I would have agreed with that in the first week or so of his tenure, but it's quickly becoming clear that whatever he's doing isn't working...and the players look ****ing tired a lot of the time. Say what you want about Stevens, but lack of effort was never this glaring of a problem while he was here, at least not for any extended period of time. And(disregarding '06-'07), I'm not sure the team ever looked as bad under Stevens as it has in some of these recent games.

For instance, even take the 10-game losing streak in '07-'08...we came out of that with 2 points, and a whole lot of nothing to show for a bunch of close games. The team was not a complete mess then. They were just struggling, and for the most part losing close games. Florida game in that stretch anyone?

In Lavi's 10 games so far, the team has been a complete ****ing mess for about 75% of it. We've come away with 5 points, and been getting our ***** handed to us left and right.

Originally Posted by FlyersRKings View Post
Pronger, in his post-game interviews, doesn't even seem to hint that the players are tired or overworked, and usually a player tries to put in a subtle jab at the coach if that's the case.
I think this is a good point, and it does make me question whether or not I'm right in my thinking.
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Which is on Holmgren...the timing of the change was horrible. Obviously, IMO, he should have made the move long ago. He could have made the move earlier in the season with more space, or waited to the Olympic break period. Personally, I wish we'd have gone with an interim this season...

I think Laviolette has tried to put too many new pieces in too quickly. They just look lost out there as far as where everyone is at (which helps make it look like a lack of effort). Big picture, I see improvements that should pay dividends, but it's tough to score goals when you have zero cohesiveness in the offensive zone.
Yeah, I mostly agree with this...and while we're talking about the lack of offensive cohesiveness....christ, Lavi has been doing a terrible job with the lines. I have a bunch of issues, but I'll just talk about Carcillo. People can get excited about his effort all they want(which looks more impressive than it is a lot of the time just because of some of the big hits he attempts, and often misses), but Carcillo with Gagne and Richards was a terrible idea. Then, the ****ing puck drops last night and Lavi has Gagne-Richards-Briere out there. I was all excited, thought Lavi finally figured out that Carcillo should get back on a grinding line. Then, who ****ing marches on the ice next? Hartnell-Carter-Carcillo! At the point you have Hartnell and Carcillo on the same line, it's not even a scoring line anymore...I don't care if Jumbo Joe is between them. Put Carcillo on a damn checking that's meant to be a ****ing checking line.

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