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12-22-2009, 02:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
I think people often confuse tentative confusion for laziness...I think that's the bigger issue with this team. No one is comfortable (particularly in the offensive zone) with where they're going, and where their teammates are going, and it's leading to lots of ugh.
Exactly. As I have said countless times, unless you are absolutely mercurially talented (see: Kovalev), you can't make the NHL by being lazy, it just doesn't happen and I don't think we have any players who are talented enough to have been lazy and still make it into the league.

I think there's a lot of factors at work here that are contributing to our struggles.

1. Trouble implementing the system (too much too soon IMO).
2. Guys aren't in shape, when you spend 3 years doing nothing and then have someone come in who's going to make you work, you're not going to transform right away.
3. PP and PK blowing ass. I don't think this is on Lavy either, I doubt he's involved with either unit too much right now.
4. Rough schedule.
5. Groan if you want, but absolutely incredible bad luck. Since Laviolette got here, opposing goalies have had a .940 save percentage against us. Considering we have talented shooters and the league average save percentage is probably around .907, that's pretty rough. Then you have the pucks in the crease that don't go in for us and go in for opponents, Burrows scoring goals with his butt, pucks going in off our players, etc. It's been pretty horrendous.

I'm definitely discouraged by the way some guys have reacted to the new coach and I'm not a fan of Lavy trying to do 3 scoring lines again, but we just need to be patient.

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