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12-22-2009, 04:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Thwarter View Post
Man - hearing those kind of prices for those kinds of homes almost makes me want to cry. You can't find any single family home here for less than $300k (unless maybe paying all cash), and if you want one in an even barely average to decent neighborhood it's still over $450k. Having a nice room dedicated for a home theater is one of my dreams! Sharks on a 100" screen? Nice!
The home prices were the only thing we hated about the Bay Area. When working in Palo Alto, once we put an offer on a house in Discovery Bay because we wanted something somewhat affordable (during the boom): 2800 sq. ft new home asking $559,000. Thank god we low balled it and sellers moved on, that kind of commute (approx 80 miles each way) takes it toll.

Since I have DirecTV, no Sharks on 100" screen tonight but next HD game, most definitely. I did that in California too, but it was a pain to set all that up in our tiny 900 sq ft apt (Whose rent is the same amount as my mortgage principal + interest + home ins + property tax per month). Sharks in 100" HD is very nice. So are 2.35:1 (cinemascope or whatever they used to call it) movies on the 180" painted screen wall.

It helps to ease the pain of not being in the Bay Area, but it does not eliminate it. Nothing can do that because IMHO, there is no other place like the Bay Area in the United States. And NOTHING can make up for not being able to hit up Sharks games in person and see Sharkie, the Shark head, and the uber-hot Sharks hockey skanks. (but seriously, besides the gorgeous Stars Ice Girls and a few hotties here and there, the women at Sharks games >>> women at Stars games, by a longshot)

But it would have been much worse going to a market where it's less money to be made AND no hockey, like KC (Where I went to law school back in the day).

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