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12-27-2004, 08:24 PM
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Pittsburgh has already said no.

Nashville's average ticket is $42.50; They draw 13 177 per game. That works out to a gate of approx. $22 960 922.50 over 41 games. To make that same amount in Winnipeg, drawing the 15 000 that some claim they can draw (remains to be seen--- they didn't in the past) They need to have an average ticket price of $44.80.

To work in Winnipeg, the owners need to have a sell out EVERY NIGHT to make it worth their while. They also require the Canadian dollar to hold that 0.80 exchange for these numbers to remain solid. The dollar may or may not hold on: Busheconomics suggest that the Canadian dollar may rise vs the US dollar, but this is not what Canada wants, being an exporting country, wo we may see some adjustments to encourage the canadian dollar to fall vs the US dollar.

Why would ANY of the 3 look at Winnipeg and think that they can make a better go of it there than say any American city that currently doesn't have an NHL franchise?

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