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12-22-2009, 11:03 PM
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Le$$on in buying skates

I've been lurking this board trying to get info on how to buy/fit skates. This is just my story and hope someone (newbie, who really doesn't know how to fit skates) who is looking to get skates for the first time can benefit from this.

Thanks for everyone giving advice on this board, however me being a knucklehead didn't listen very well. Everyone on this message board giving advice about getting skates ultimately say, make sure the skate fits, doesn't matter if it looks cool or its the top of the line, make sure it fits!!!!

Well basically ignored that, I thought the Nike/Bauer One75 was pretty cool and went to LHS and I think I convinced myself they fit because I walked out with them. My feet were killing me and was told to give them time to break in, but I couldn't break them in because my feet hurt so bad I couldn't skate, loose bottom tight top etc., super thin socks, no luck. I don't think I could blame the LHS fitter because I told him they felt great, when obviously they didn't.

Next lesson: Well hell, I wasn't very happy with my first experience, so I went and bought some Vapors and made sure they weren't to tight in the mid/front area. Fit some, great, no pressure points in the front area to make em hurt. Didn't really give any feedback to the fitter because I knew these were the ones!!! Skated on those and they sucked. Too big of a skate = very poor performance, and they can hurt too. Yes i'm an idiot.

Final lesson: If you work with your LHS fitter, ignore how cool the skate looks and give good feedback to him you will probably walk out with an excellent fitting skate. I took my boys to a public skate, and walked into their pro shop, talked to the shop manager and told him my experience, I took off my socks he looked at my feet and suggested a Graf 705, I was looking at a 735 and thought they look cooler! But wait, thats what screwed me the last 2 times. So I said alright bring out the 705's, I tried on the first pair and they felt good, I told him they feel pretty good, he looked at the laces and said, "hold on, were not done here, I think I can make them feel better" he pulled out the same size in a narrow!! WTH here we go, Narrow, my feet are gonna kill me now just like my first purchase. I didn't say a word and let him do his work. He baked them up and I put them on and I was finally amazed. These things fit like a glove! My heel was planted, mid/front area was nice and firm. I never thought a skate could actually fit this well. I finally skated on them today, and they feel just as good as they did when I fit them.

I'm not saying Graf 705 are the best skate, he could of pulled out a easton, ccm, bauer and if they fit like the 705's I woulda tried them. I'm just saying what most of you guys have always stated in the "what skate should I get" threads i read on this board......

Get fitted at your LHS and get the skate that fits you best!!!!

I hope some of you new skaters like me learn from my le$$on. Don't be an idiot like me.

Merry Christmas!!!! This forum is awesome!!!

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