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12-23-2009, 01:08 AM
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Where is all of this praise for Homer coming from? He's been a bonehead when it comes to the cap. While his trades are great ON PAPER, it also has to work ON THE ICE!!!!!

Putting the right collection of individuals together to succeed is the ultimate measuring stick, and if you objectively look at it, he has been a FAILURE.

Trading or acquiring a player who replaces a lesser one DOES NOT mean it was a good move UNLESS THE TEAM DOES BETTER BECAUSE OF THE CHANGE.

The run to the ECF was clearly catching lightning in a bottle. Remember the dismal performance in the final game last year, AT HOME, for the # 4 seeding. A first round exit after that, followed by this years disaster.

When it's all said and done this coming April, a lucky run plus one and at best two first round exits = FAILURE on the GM's part. If Stevens was so bad, why has this disaster continued? Unless significant personnel changes occur, this team as it is currently constructed will be lucky to win more than a round in the next year or two.

Further proof that coaching IS NOT the issue here. It's a failure at the top, plain and simple.

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