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12-23-2009, 01:29 AM
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Originally Posted by clevelandcrusaders82 View Post
According to the blade pattern guides on hockey monkey, the forsberg (now zetterberg) is a 3/8" mid-heel with a lie of 5.

The weight (now vanek) is a 1/2" heel curve, open face, 4.5 lie.

Also, according to hockey monkey, the lidstrom (getzlaf) curve is a 1/2" heel curve.

It doesnt really matter to me what these are, but this may help settle some arguments.
You did what Bacon Bits did before, he Googled the pattern or looked on a website. I think he used Hockey Monkey before like it is some source of all that is hockey Godlike and Biblical factoidial gospel hockey knowledge stuff or something.

It doesn't settle an argument as I own the Lidstrom pattern and it is NOT a heel curve. The blade opens early around the heel but it doesn't curve there.

That isn't to say Hockey Monkey has it listed incorrectly as a general info kind of thing, I bought Harrow blades and they (harrow) state them as being "comparable to Lidstrom" and a "Mid-Heel curve" which to be honest should just say a mid-curve because it is. Every company has patterns that are not all exactly the same, you could have 6 different company's blades named Lidstrom and they will not all measure the same exactly.

MINE is not a heel curve and I know this, it is also a 5.5 lie ... THE POINT IS that Bacon Bits likes to argue for the sake of arguing and refuses to listen to other people since he is in every 4 page discussion so this must be so. If I have to post a picture of it I will.

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