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12-23-2009, 01:45 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyHigh View Post
Why? Throw Jones in the AHL (which they did later of course), take your 2 mill, and go sign a decent goalie. You're saying that financially, we could afford Boucher (.925), but we couldn't afford Conklin at less than 400K more?
Afford, sure we could have...but the goal was to shave precious cap space. That 400K was a significant chunk of our cap space (for this year and next) prior to the Jones stupidity. It isn't like we were rolling in free and clear cap space...and, again, Boucher is fine as a backup on a perfectly reasonable contract.

Either way you're effed if you're trying to win the Cup with them in net...I just want a competent backup (which Boucher is) on a cheap contract (which Boucher is), and a starter that I have confidence in (I do not in Emery) that can play the majority of the games (clearly a problem as of now).

The organization was familiar with and liked Boucher...these things happen. But lets not act like 400K is pennies. That's getting near a quarter of the cap space we had carved out.

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