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12-23-2009, 03:21 PM
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Originally Posted by RichardsCannon View Post
curt cobain was a good lyricist at best with a lot of passion for what he did, however he was a horrendous guitar player and couldn't construct songs with more than an overused melodic minor chord progression. Nirvana's collective musical talent was about equal to that of a 16 year old.
Drum beats and fills you learn in your first 2 weeks of drum lessons and horribly overused 'powerchord' construction that anyone with fingers can play. Nirvans might very well be THE MOST overrated band in the history of modern music. They're right up there with U2
Dave Grohl might be one of the most talented artists of this generation (meaning my generation 20-30yr olds), but he was in Nirvanna so he must suck.

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