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Originally Posted by MojoJojo View Post
Ron Hextall. Plenty of quality years under his belt as a pro scout and obviously has strong Philly connections. Assistant GM in LA, GM of the Monarchs in the AHL. He would make a credible candidate.
i have no doubt in my mind hes being groomed to be the next gm of the flyers. he was sent to apprentice under lombardi and see in detail how you build a team from the back out with patience and development. and i find it no small coincidencce that la has a slew of decent goalie prospects and an asst gm who was a goalie.

Originally Posted by flyguy View Post
Eh, I'm not so sure how much of Holmgren's hand was on the trigger to fire Stevens. I feel that move most definitely came from Mr. Snider. There will never be anything to prove it, but Snider had to have had some pressure on Homer to finally make the move. Stevens had to have been skating on thin ice since his second ten game losing streak in Snider's mind. There were multiple times to get him out of here, getting to the third round basically bought him another year from Holmgren's POV, but if Holmgren didn't make the move now, he would be gone too.

As for Homer as a GM, he's been up and down. The ups being moves like the stroke of genius in bringing Timonen and Hartnell in, the downs being moves like bringing Jones on re-entry which will probably bite us in the ass at some point this season, and I still don't like all of the early round draft picks he's jettisoned. Whether Pronger was worth the 2 firsts will remain to be seen, but the lack of early round draft picks this team has in the next couple of years is frightening.
ed snider said in an interview that he needed serious convincing to fire stevens. i know theres a better link but hes quoted here
also given that the jones move pretty much came down from corporate i dont think getting rid of a guy with a guaranteed contract was an easy sell.

Originally Posted by FlyHigh View Post
I don't see how anyone can say that they don't have a problem with our prospects system.

We have absolutely no goalie of the future in the NHL and our best prospects are a 7th round pick who hasn't even played in the top tier in Sweden and an 18 year-old who's had 3 good months in the Dub and is arguably getting outplayed by the other goalie in his team.

This has been a problem for years, probably since the lockout if not beforehand.

Then you look at the d-men, sure the Phantoms aren't doing great, but all of our guys have serious questions and I think it's also worth noting that Bartulis is starting to get pretty exposed.

Forwards, arguably our best forward prospect going into the year (since JVR and Giroux are with the big club) is a guy who has 2 goals in 28 games. So now our best prospect there might be a guy who decided he didn't want to play hockey 18 months ago.

And we don't have a lot of picks for the next 2-3 years, so that's fun.

And we haven't even gotten to the Boucher signing which was pretty damn questionable last summer and looks even worse now. People act like this entire goaltending issue is just temporary, guess what, it isn't. We're going to have the annual problem of trying to find a good goalie for cheap. Then of course you have the problem of Homer relying on somebody who hadn't played 40 games either of the previous 2 years to be our starter, so that's working out great too.

Of course a strong prospect goalie would alleviate a lot of these problems, but we don't have one in the system and please don't start on Morrison and Ericsson, I like both guys, but they are marginal at best. I was here for the Dov Grumet-Morris years.
honestly as far as prospect depth is concerned i think were just at the end of a cycle. what we have is guys who are developing or wont develop. this is where the real hard work of the gm is done. decisions have to be made and some shifting has to be done to see whos a keeper, who has a future in the nhl and who just isnt working out.

while the timing of the coaching change may be questionable this situation makes this offseason the perfect time for homer to turn over the reigns.

and i couldnt differ with you more on boosh. i think hes the perfect backup and could even be a 1b guy on this team. hes a guy whos been around hes seen the playoffs and hes the familiar with the expectations of both philly and what it means to be a stud goalie prospect he seems to me to be the perfect guy to groom the goalie of the future behind and wont cost you games while the starter is hurt or a young guy has some growing pains. he has the competitive desire to want to get out and play but the self awareness to know he isnt a stanley cup goaltender.

a large part of development is stability and i think homer may be learning that the hard way and managing stability with escalating salaries in a salary cap league is a very difficult job. its going to take the right guy. a dilligent scout a patient manager and a shrewed negotiator. and someone with a fierce competitive desire so as to keep us in the hunt the whole way.

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