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12-23-2009, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyHigh View Post
So you're saying that you would have rather upgraded Emery, who makes 1.5 mill, instead of Boucher, but if we didn't even have enough flexibility to upgrade Boucher by 400K, how the heck are we supposed to upgrade Emery if he's only making 1.5?

Are you saying that you are against the Pronger deal here? I'm struggling to see where you are going with this. We both agree that the goaltending wasn't satisfactory going in. You think we should have gotten someone better than Emery to start, I think we should have gotten someone better than Bouch to backup. But if we don't have the 400K to upgrade on Bouch, how the heck would we have the cash to get Roloson who makes 1 mill more or anyone else?
I think he should have made a philosophical commitment to a starting goaltender in the salary cap. He did not. I have no problem giving a backup 925K and shaving money off what you might have spent on someone else. I think the Pronger trade was a ballsy, reckless, and only works out if we win the Cup trade. Said so from the start. I probably would not have traded for Pronger.

Of course, I also would have retained Biron...maybe wait until the UFA period to get an idea of other contracts available on the market, but would have looked to keep him.

But none of that really matters...because before we ever got to UFA, we had traded for Pronger, we had signed Emery. The deed was done. Signing Boucher to be the backup for 925K and saving some cash to get a guy they were comfortable with wasn't a bad move...nor do I think Boucher is a bad backup.

However, if I was the GM, Emery probably isn't on our team.

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