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09-23-2003, 09:01 AM
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Thats nice that they put the Oilers and Canucks first on this occasion, but what really cheeses me off is when the Leafs are first on the 2AM edition of Sportscentre. This seems to be new this year, but its happened a lot so far. I guess they've figured out that the morning loop is the last newscast of the night before, and want to give the Leafs more coverage. Really pisses me off though.

TSN is really in the toilet these days. Leaving aside the argument that the T stands for Toronto, I'm starting to think it stands for Toughest man Sporting Network. Is there anything better to show than billiards or guys pulling tractors?

I'd be a total sportsnet convert if, as mentioned above, they had some reasonable announcers. The ones that they have are absolutely terrible, with the exception of Vance and Van Horne. Don Taylor simply sickens me with his hand rubbing and habit of adding "-ian one" to the last name of players. I know you need a gimmick but try and get one that doesn't suck. As for Loubardias and Toth, someone should tell them to shut the hell up and read the news. If I want bad Canadian comedy, I'll watch something on CBC. Oh, and I'll say it. Tell Hedger to lose the sweaters over on TSN. It's like watching a hot Mr. Rogers give the scores.

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