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09-23-2003, 10:12 AM
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Volchenkov, don't stir the pot by bringing up Pitkanen. That kid's will leave Philly when Spets leaves Ottawa. Gimme a break OK?

Why I would do this deal: Williams isn't as strong a player as Havlat, but he's a "Senators-style" player - good hockey sense with speed as his main physical asset. The fact that he's not as good as Marty means we'll likely keep him longer, and he's no slouch talent-wise - he's at least as good as Fisher in that regard (in fact, this proposal had me thinking about a Schaefer-Fisher-Williams third line down the road).

As for Seidenberg, he becomes the Sens' #1 prospect immediately, and makes Hnidy and possibly Leschyshyn expendable (and the fact that I care enough to spell his name correctly should tell you the high regard I have for Curtis). Dennis would give the Sens blueline the optimal 3-up, 3-down configuration, with Rachunek, Volchenkov and Seidenberg as the primary puck-movers and Redden, Phillips and Chara handling the defensive play. The fact that Redden can shoot and Volch hit just adds versatility to an already superlative lineup.

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