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12-28-2004, 02:22 PM
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I must have slept through that Packer Dynasty,

Originally Posted by dedalus
So you're saying the Laker dynasty was not a series of great teams? Have you not been watching the Green Bay Packers over the past decade? What of the Bulls teams that won multiple championships under a cap?

I'm sorry but the notion that a cap system prevents the creation of great teams and stops these teams from remaining top teams over a long period of time is simply not true. One might also add that since the great Edmonton teams, the NHL has had NO dynasties like the ones you mention above. Clearly Goodenow's free market isn't giving you the very teams you claim you want to see.
what years were they?
As far as the NBA goes, I'll give you the Lakers and Bulls. But what happened to the Bulls? Why did they fall off the face of the earth?
Still, Basketball if far less entertaining then it was when Michael was traveling through the lane.
Hockey has had no dynasty since Wayne & Mark because of one simple word, expansion. The league under bettman has over expanded and diluted the talent base well below acceptable levels.