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09-23-2003, 09:18 AM
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Originally Posted by aneirin
'THE GUY HAS 8 ****ING GOALS IN HIS CAREER so what the F are you talking about???'

Someone needs some anger management. Perhaps you've forgotten that we've also seen him score some goals in Hartford and some goals in pre-season. I'm pretty sure I can notice a trend. Like the way he likes driving hard to the net down the left side, taking the pass and dropping down on one knee to power roof it to the far side. Yeah, I think I've watched Lundmark and seen how he likes scoring goals. Also seems to me that getting open in the slot usually means you're driving to the net (unless you're Lindros and are sort of drifting around).

'As for Carter not scoring almsot all of his goals from rebounds and getting to the front of the net'

Did I not say that he pounces on rebounds. You seem to be under the impression that he sets up shop on the crease and is immovable and scores most of his goals that way. Maybe you should go educate yourself a bit.
Oh, so now preseason goals and AHL goals convert to being able to doing the same thing during the regular season against ALL "A" squads I guess???

And just how many goals did you see him score in Hartford and how did you view them???On what Channel?And being that only 3 preseason games were tevelised last yr how did you see all those goals to know how they were scored and in what manner??

And that goal you described was off an ODDMAN RUSH, not relevant to the situation at all!!!!Too funny.

And as for the Carter stuff, Your grasping here.I made it 100% clear how I decribed Carter's play and you come in with your nonsense stance that Jamie goes to the net and is as effective in doing so then Anson has been which is complete BS plain and simple.

And show me one psrt of this thread or any other where I say Anson sets up shop and is an immovable force infront of the net ala LeClair or Tkachuk.

Anson is a consistent 20+ goal scorer and the bulk of them all come front the front of the net.You want to dispute that be my guess but it's a losing battle.

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