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09-23-2003, 09:23 AM
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Brownlee stiring the Comrie pot (again)

It's one thing for us fans to be talking about the Comrie situation like we know what's going on and making up crazy trade rumours but it's another thing for a sports writer like Robin Brownlee to stir the pot and make it look like Comrie wants out of Edmonton.

Give me a break! Unfortunately some people who read this article will instantly assume he's right.

of course agents don't want their players talking as it might jeopardize negotiations.
and of course Lowe is playing hardball because he can. he's got the time and a surplus of quality players.

ok, Comrie wants a raise and didn't prove that he deserves with his play last season but it's another thing to say he doesn't want to play here. He was born and raised on Oiler hockey. He's just doing exactly what Havlat is doing in Ottawa: holding out for Brad Richards money because this is his first "real" NHL contract and he wants security if there's a lockout.

He was smart to leave town to avoid all the sports writers who like to plant seeds of dissention for the sake of selling newspapers. for Brownlee to say so matter-of-factly: "Talk persists Comrie remains bitter about being criticized.", borders on liable. I think Comrie is a little more thick-skinned than people give him credit for. Boy it's a good thing Slats isn't around anymore or players would leave crying in Brownlee's opion.

shame on Brownlee...

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