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12-24-2009, 01:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
There's many kinds of mid curves:

Iginla - really flat, short, and neutral faced
Sakic - deeper, longer, and open
Coffey - really, really deep and neutral faced
Weight - really flat, long, and twists open at the heel

None of those really play like anything else.

I don't want to bicker, so maybe it's just our definitions are different. I define a curve as mid if that's where the curve starts. Some define it as where most of the curve is. The Vanek often gets classified as a heel because that where it opens up...

Here's Hossa's pro curve, it's a lot of the same, it's a toe curve that twists open at the mid heel.
That's what I am saying ... I define a curve by where the curve is as opposed to where it starts.

By the way I love the Iginla pattern and while it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer it is pretty close to all being the same .... almost.

I used to use a Coffey and liked that, I have some Thornton curved woodies here in the closet that have a nice curve as well. I may try to get a Thornton pattern for a tapered shaft.

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