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09-23-2003, 09:27 AM
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Originally Posted by mudcrutch79
TSN is really in the toilet these days. Leaving aside the argument that the T stands for Toronto, I'm starting to think it stands for Toughest man Sporting Network. Is there anything better to show than billiards or guys pulling tractors?

I'd be a total sportsnet convert if, as mentioned above, they had some reasonable announcers. The ones that they have are absolutely terrible, with the exception of Vance and Van Horne. Don Taylor simply sickens me with his hand rubbing and habit of adding "-ian one" to the last name of players. I know you need a gimmick but try and get one that doesn't suck. As for Loubardias and Toth, someone should tell them to shut the hell up and read the news. If I want bad Canadian comedy, I'll watch something on CBC. Oh, and I'll say it. Tell Hedger to lose the sweaters over on TSN. It's like watching a hot Mr. Rogers give the scores.
Don Taylor is a forbidden subject at my house. I...just...HATE...him. Even worse than that "-ian one" schtick of his, is his terrible Marv Albert impression whenever he calls a basketball highlight..."It WAS...a GORGEOUS...MOVE!"

I actually don't mind Loubardias, but Toth annoys me...he's one of those guys that tries to jam a million jokes and one liners into as small a time frame as possible, hoping that a couple of them hit the mark. He's good when he plays it straight, but he doesn't do funny man very well.

I like Vance/Van Horn, but that's 90% Vance and 10% Van Horn...he's OK, but duller than dirt. He's like the boring wrestler who's paired with a hot valet in order to get him over.

I'm torn on Hedger...the sweaters make her look like Mr. Rogers in drag, but she has improved a lot in the job itself. She just SUCKED at first, I mean she was out of it. Now she's passable.

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