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Originally Posted by FlyHigh View Post
Nodl - Cannot play defense, no offensive output, still doesn't have NHL strength.

Kalsinki - 4th liner.

Maroon - The guy with 2 goals in 28 games? In the AHL? Really?

Bartulis - He's scuffling right now.

Bourdon - The guy who's a slow skater who's supposed to specialize in offensive play?

Marshall - Bottom pairing prospect, No.4 d-man max though I do like nasty guys like him.

Legein - Quit hockey, might be a stud, but he has less than 25 games in the organization, let's not anoint him yet.

Riopel - The guy going back to junior as a 20 year-old (he'll be 21 in Feb). I'm certainly excited.

The cream of the crop of our prospects right now is a guy whose ceiling is a No.4 d-man and I don't think we have a single top-6 prospect in the system, we don't have a 1st round pick next year, don't have a 2nd for the next two, and will lose a 3rd in either 2010 or 2011 I believe.

The situation is pretty dire, trying to dress up marginal prospects doesn't change that fact.
the cream of our prospect crop are already playing in the nhl in jvr and giroux. you get your top end guys in the first round and weve done that reliably and successfully. what you get past that are longshots and depth guys which is what we have now. your looking for stud where im happy to get players.

we dont have a top six forward prospect because we dont have an opening in the top 6 and presumably wont for the next two years. with pronger and timo on the top pairing and carle coburn and parent to succeed them do we have a need for a top defensive prospect? what were really lacking in is goal where i agree the pickings are slim but all goalies are just hype and potential until theyre not. if your puicking out of the top 15 there arent usually and surefire goalies left so i dont mind taking a better more reliable pick and taking a chance on a goalie later in the rounds. beyond that its just trade bait which weve expended and sorting through the muck to find a mucker.

a good gm manages the prospect pool so that its suitable to address the teams needs and predicts what those future needs may be. the turnaround time on forwards is the shortest and i have little doubt that the next 1st rounder we get(2011) will be a forward. which puts him in the lineup a year after gagne is eligible as a free agent.

i dont see it as a lack of depth in the prospect pool but more of a cap management issue with retaining the middle tier rfas. homer turned what should be an hourglass into a cylinder.

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