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12-24-2009, 06:14 PM
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the "source" should be terminated immediately. something tells me its probably some intern with the training staff from temple. just a reasonable guess and since this guy had no trouble throwing bs out on the net i see no problem in playing amateur detective. intern hears about a group of players going to a spot downtown to choose a random spot ill say buckheads. guy shows up hoping to play on his connection to the team and scrape up some leftovers. lisa hartnell tags along as the token girl so that there isnt that "kobe bryant looked safe on tv too" question hanging in the air. maybe lisa dances with carter no big deal theyre young people out at a club. the best part about having married friends is that wives are ten times the wingman your buddies are. but ancilary intern guy is feeling rejected as 8th guy on the professional hockey player bandwagon still leaves you dancing with the "sweet girl" you coulda got on your own. the one woman in crew wont give him the time of day (cuz shes married) so carter must be seeing her. they did dance together right? boom basic college whisper down the lane becomes big internet rumor with no more credibilty then the above paragraph.

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