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12-25-2009, 03:19 AM
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< great hockey city (HAB players are modern-day gladiators...when they win!)
< most people say the Mtl women are the most beautiful in Canada (inside and outside)
< multi-ethnic city with a European feel to it (french and english)
< great for restaurant lovers (lots and lots of restaurants)
< many HAB players get recognized (this could be in the CONS' section for certain players)
< apparently Mtl is the best in Canada for exotic dancers/strippers and escorts...apparently from what I've read!
< maybe the best nightlife in Canada (plateau and Mile End areas, St-Laurent/Prince-Arthur area, St-Denis street, Crescent street, SteCatherine O. and E., Old Mtl, and many pubs in Mtl, Ste-Anne-De-Bellevue, Laval?!, and the many festivals (comedy, jazz...).
< best smoke meat in Canada...apparently.
< not only english but french-speaking girls (no other province in Canada can offer you that!).
< Celine Dion and Corey Hart

< taxes are highest in Canada (from what I know)
< schools...some players don't want to "have to" put their children in french schools (I could be wrong with this info, correct me if I'm wrong!).
< potholes, but not every player knows this or cares with the money they have to fix their shock-absorbers! (imo, NHL players are not concerned with potholes!, but I suppose AHLers are!)
< long winters, not too much natural suntan/vitamin D!, too much shoveling (Rivet apparently didn't like shoveling!)...
< the language "thing"...not every player will admit it but some players don't want to be in the spotlight (don't want to bother) with the whole "to learn french or not to learn french" issue...some just want to play hockey and not want anything to do with learning a new language
< Celine Dion and Corey Hart

I'm sure I missed a few...

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