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12-26-2009, 12:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Randart View Post
I am trully surprised he is not on the team unless he is more injured than is readily known and needs to conserve on his playing time. As for the politics that get into all fascets of life in Russia, yeah it happens in Aces & Spades there!

My X GF was from Omsk, and she was under the impression that the Wizard of Oz was written by a Russian in the 50's!!! Just one example how they take every thing and corrupt the living heck out of it! Propaganda and Corruption are a way of life there! Simple facts...

Like the rest of the Fro Supporters I hope this does inspire him to bust loose and be the player we believers see in him... Go FRO! Time for some SMACK down Cossack Style!
It's not so? How dare you stupid Amerkan!

Well, there was a soviet adaptation of the book, written in 60's I believe. Call it a soviet fanfiction if you want.))) It's based on Baum's book, but has aa lot of differencies, I mean a lot.

Yes, we here have propaganda on TV and government likes to show how they are doing "right things". But I doubt the example with this book applies.)))

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