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12-28-2004, 08:16 PM
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Originally Posted by cassius
I'm a 17 year old from Monoeville, PA (about 15 min from Pittsburgh). I loved hockey all my life and played some deck hockey. Anyway, I want to start skating and playing. I'm looking at buying skates sometime this week (Vapor SFL VII). I was wondering what my options are. I'm going to college next year, so obviously playing with a school team is out of the question. Are there any decent beginner type leagues generally? I'm about 5'9 and only 145... so I think I would get knocked around quite a bit in an adult league or something.
Most adult "beer leagues" are "non-checking"(I wrap quotes because as with any form of hockey, there will be some contact), so theres no worry about getting knocked around. Most of these leagues are open to anybody, no need to really tryout, just get ahold of one of the team captains at the local rink and if they have a spot for ya, they'd probably let you on the team. Since you are just starting you'd probably be relugated to maybe only 5-6 shifts a game if you have an ultra-comptetitive captain, so it'd be best to practice at open hockey times when you arent at a league game. However, some captains dont care about skill and let all their guys play close-to-equal amounts of icetime. It's all pick of the litter for a guy going in with no experience and not knowing anybody.

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