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12-26-2009, 04:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Chimp View Post
Oh man, youngest defense in the NHL by far, here we come... I'm personally quite unsure if I would prefer Drury or Redden gone. Both are absolutely horrible contracts. How about both?

I'm just quite surprised this alienation towards Redden has started now of all times, I think he's been one of our best defensemen this season. Perhaps because Torts can see the much cheaper alternatives from the back and it's not like we're going anywhere anyway with this team for some time.
Sorry, I disagree on most counts. Redden has been horrible for the most of the time since he's been here. And when he hasn't been horrible, he's been barely decent, playing a passionless, disinterested game. It's not a question of living up to his contract--I don't think Tortorella gives a damn how much Redden is paid or whether there are "cheaper" prospects in the system--(which, given his decline in Ottawa, was always going to be impossible to live up to), but the fact that he's not helping the team at all, even when playing 3rd pairing minutes. Tortorella tried very hard to get him going, giving him more ice time, giving him less ice time, but none of it has changed the way he's played. Whether we are talking about a rebuilding team or a team trying to make the playoffs, Redden is useless.

And there are 4 more years of this coming. Something has to be done, if not during the season, then afterwards. Sending him to Hartford doesn't solve the problem in the long term and having only 3 more or less experienced defenseman is not a good idea regardless--it doesn't create a good situation for the younger players (including Staal, who would be asked to do even more) and it doesn't create a stable situation for the rest of the team.

As long as there is the possiblity of making the playoffs, I doubt we will see Redden replaced by an inexperienced defenseman. From a financial standpoint, making the playoffs is very important, it pumps up the balance sheet--which is very important since Cablevision is spinning off the Garden/MSG into a public entity--and allows them to maintain or even raise ticket prices again. Management will try almost anything possible, as long as it doesn't mean trading players they think are critical for the future. They are not going to give up now. And I doubt we will see a real firesale, even if it becomes clear that this group is too flawed to compete for a playoff spot. The organization is not going to sell off players for draft choices that may turn into NHL players 3-5 years down the line. Getting rid of one or more of the big contracts will only free up money for Sather to try again.

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