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12-26-2009, 05:47 PM
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Originally Posted by bstreetbully View Post
I can't believe that if this rumor is not true, how it would make 2 different players production decline like this. While Hartnell and Carter are out on a shift chasing the puck, passing, shooting, and hitting, do you really think they are thinking about some blogger or who porked Hartnell's wife? There are more important real things that occur in ones life that may alter an athletes production, not false rumors (as they claim).

Is it possible that Carter is really a 27-34 goal scorer who happened to have a career year last year? Could Hartnell have had his as well? Jimmy Rollins is around a 277 career hitter. Absent the MVP year, his production in just about every statistical category is right around his career averages. People have a career year at different points. It doesn't always come right in the middle of their prime. What Carter did last year, may never happen again.
Which is why I am buying into the rumor. It would bother me to no end if my teammate was porkin my wife, and if Im a veteren player this behavior bothers me, and it certainly is a legit issue to split over. Never understood the concept of cheating, and ive been on the hurting end of it and well it hurts, and it is distracting. Weather its true or not, its a legitamite thing to look at. I think there may be a grain of truth to it.

Carters year last year, IMO was as good as it gets from him. I was suprised by it, but I still see him as a perenial 30-35 goal scorer with that shot he has.

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