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Originally Posted by bstreetbully View Post
He would only have to "out" his source to a potential employer, and if they were satisfied after speaking with the source, his "problem" goes away. Brennan also used the terms "bizarre rumor" and "if it were true" before stating what he was told. He was anything but reckless or irresponsible. He identified it as a possible bizarre rumor, and further stated "if it were true". He didn't report it as fact.
No, he would have to out the source to defend himself if the team went after him. Reporting an unsubstantiated story from an anonymous reckless reporting. It's rumor mongering, and by putting it out there you open yourself to libel/defamation of character charges.

Originally Posted by bstreetbully View Post
Don't forget Clarke AND Snyder later admitted that Carton's story WAS TRUE.
Thus why a libel/defamation of character case never materialized...Carton's problem was that he was working for the carrier of the organization's radio feed, which meant they had some hold over WIP. So the fact that he didn't out his source was a problem, because the Flyers wanted to nip it in the bud.

I don't recall them ever saying it was true, however.

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