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12-26-2009, 07:44 PM
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Originally Posted by SML View Post
How many lazy Russian reclamation projects are we going to take on before we stop messing with them? No thanks.
That statement is in no way accurate of Filatov

The kid has loads of offensive talent and is a burst of energy on the ice. The problem is Hitchcock didn't want him on team in 1st place.

GM drafted and wanted him while he did not

Filatov is in many ways similiar to Patrick Kane when he came into the league. Top offensive talent with no defensive ability. Kane was god awful as a rookie in his own end , Horrendous last year and is now average this year. The improvement comes with experience.

Hitchcock demands his players be strong in there own end above all else. He was playing Filatov on the 4th line with Micheal Blunden and other grinders. You dont throw a talent like that on your 4th line. When Filatov would make a mistake in 1st period he would be benched rest of game.

Filatov is incapable of playing at the level of defense that Hitchcock wants. YOu cant force good defense out of him. You have to work with him on it and expect him to improve with time.

He is a top 6 offensive talent who thrives in offensive zone and on PP. But he was in a system were he was viewed with contempt and scorn and benched in favor of pluggers and grinders.

Hitchcock is killing that team with his out of date coaching style and his refusal to compromise with talent like Zherdov

Coach Q hated Kane's defensive lapses last year but he knew his value on offensive end. He has worked with Kane to improve his defense and John Madden was brought in and from all accounts is also a reason for the improvement by Kane this season.

If the Hitch took this approach and swallowed his ego for once the Blue Jackets would have a rising star in NHL instead of a rising star in KHL.

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