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12-28-2004, 10:48 PM
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Originally Posted by bruins4777
roaming chick magnet is one of my fav goalies. Normally i like poised goalies, but cechmanek is just so entertaining to watch. I love the guy and i feel WAY too much blame was given to him. I was saying keep cechmanek for one more year, then esche will be fully ready. Apparently esche was ready anyways...I don't know about other flyers fans, but once they signed hackett, as a bruins fan, i immediately said that esche would end the season as starter for the flyers and would take them deep. That part was right. Although i think cechmanek could have taken them all the way....

As for JR at RW, i don't like him there. He's a center and should stay there, where he is best. I don't like zhamnov. He was great in the devils series, but after that he put up what? 1 point the rest of the playoffs. I think the flyers should just keep JR and handzus, give sharp a 3rd line role and umberger and carter a chance at 3rd/4th line. I know they want to ease carter, but giving him a crap 4th line role would be a use. At least 3rd line. I think by the end of one season with the flyers carter could be an average 2nd liner.
Hackett was brought in as a mentor to Esche, so pretty much everybody in Philly was thinking Esche would finish the season. Hackett was a safety net, just in case. I don't think the Flyers would've done any better with Cechmanek, personally. I feel that Toronto would have exploited some of his gaping holes and possibly taken the series to seven, maybe even winning it. If the Flyers had won in seven, they'd have been even worse off against Tampa. They were drained as it was come game seven in Tampa.

As for JR at RW, I disagree. I believe he can be more effective as a winger and will probably last longer. The Flyers don't need him to do what he was once best at, but only to stick around for most of the season and then play his guts out (again) come mid April. Plus there are plenty of centers on the team already, especially if Zhamnov is re-signed.

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