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12-26-2009, 09:14 PM
John Cena*
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I called it. They made us think a comeback was going to happen lol. Lets be honest, who was fooled???

The coach continues to stride! Boy is he on fire right now!!!! Love it! Tonight he continued: To not name Moose the #1, To not teach discipline, to not teach or even preach defense, to not even have the team ready to play the Lightning when we desperately need wins. They have no heart or no jump and come to life for 5 minutes and go away for 35. Anderson is accountable for that. He does not have this team ready.

I'll sit here and laugh while everyone 'believes' he isn't the problem. LOL

We continue to fall in the standings. We continue to show no signs of improvement on defense.

Well don't be too down. Losing games only means it's a game closer to our firing of our AHL coach!

Chokeeeeeeeeee lollllllllll

EDIT: Pavelec has not even earned #2 on this team. His rebound control is horrible. moose must be named #1. Lehtonen will easily be #1 when he returns its clearer than ever

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