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12-29-2004, 02:37 AM
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Originally Posted by theBob
Im just curious as to why people look at LA as more of an obvious place than Chicago? Id love it if he went to LA (my 2nd fav team), but Chicago use to be one of the biggest hockey cities in North America in the 80s and early 90s. I dont think LA has any chance whatsoever to be the hockeytown Chicago was or still has the chance to be.

Most people that go to Kings game are just trendy corporate morons who dont know the game at all. Chicago has always had some of the most loyal and loudest fans.

Dont get mad at me Kings fans, I think the organization here in LA is one of the classiest, and there are plenty of real fans. But if you want to help the game in the US, Chicago is the place to start.
Isnt LA a bigger market than Chicago?

I think blackhawk fans will come back when the team starts to win on a regular basis. LA is a different kind of sports town. They seem to be attracted by the major stars.

Besides, even if the hawks got Crosby, I'm sure those dinosaurs in chicago management would find a way to screw things up..

I cant stand wirtz and co.

Hawks fans deserve better management. Just to see an orginal six team with the best jersey in the league eroding at an alarming rate is so sad.

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