Thread: Injury Report: Williams out with a Broken Leg
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12-27-2009, 02:27 PM
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Originally Posted by RH63 View Post
Well, if Purcell plays well, I think we can probably achieve both.
you DO realize that player performance is near the bottom of the list, regardless of how well he does or does not, when it comes to trade value, right?

the main factor in determining a player's overall value in trade is the calendar... and then it goes from there.

the bottom line is... hypothetically speaking, if say the switch in Purcell's game gets flipped into Ludicrous Speed and he's out there helping the team win games going forward, why then would you WANT to trade him? i mean, do you seriously want to see him step up and do well for the sole purpose of saying - "oh goody, i wonder if we can now get a mint for him in March?"

a "yes" answer, and that's not only really jacked up, but a pretty twisted view on the game altogether. it sort of reeks of someone less interested in hockey (and most importantly, KINGS hockey), and more entertained by the excitement of the turnover dates like the deadline, free agency, and the brief waiver period prior to the start of each season... that isn't hockey... that's videogames.

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