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12-27-2009, 10:05 PM
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Thoughts the Sweden group 2 days in:

Granlund is legit, he has NHL speed and physicality. He isn't the most offensively gifted player but he has a good sense of where to be on plays and it would likely result in him being productive. He's not an elite talent though, at least IMO.

Tarasenko is legit, he's going to be a solid pick for whoever takes him. While there's no chance it will be us part of me is still hoping it could be and that the Russian Factor makes him available in the 2nd around our spot.

Burmistrom, while he is good, seemed to be not quite as talented as Tarasenko. Odds are that he is likely going to fall out of my top 15 unless he has a big finish to this tournament.

Austria had a few guys that would be interesting pickups as free agent, plus a guy that's available in 2011 that should be a VERY solid pick down the road.

Our boys and my thoughts on the Filatov controversy:
Kivisto wasn't very noticeable outside of the PK in tonights Finland-Czech game. With the role he's being asked to play that's a VERY good thing. I honestly don't see the offense there for him but I think he could have the talent and skating ability to be a #4 type defenseman in the NHL.

Jordan on the other hand was very noticeable as he was on the ice for seemingly half the game. He has good offensive instincts and reminds me a bit of how Frank played before his confidence was shattered by his shoulder surgery.

Filatov... yeah there's a reason this guy isn't in the NHL. He's a floater, plain and simple. I really don't see him as a guy that should be playing in the NHL until he can figure out the defensive zone. I don't blame Hitch at all for the way he handled things with Filatov. He plays less defensively then Ovechkin... and that's not a compliment to OV.

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