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12-27-2009, 10:20 PM
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Originally Posted by zecke26 View Post
that's what the DEL made of hockey. tons of eventies who don't understand the game at all.
I don't think the eventies are the ones to be blamed for yelling for calls. From my experience in Cologne over the past eight-ish years, it's more the regular fans that start yelling when another player even touches our guy. Sadly, the referees too often react to the noise the fans make.

Originally Posted by JVR View Post
Seriously, every normal contact behind the goals (that you see 100 times in a NHL game) the players and fans are looking for a call because they know the refs will give them what they want.
Very true. But honestly, I don't think it's any different than a couple of years ago. Not better, not worse.

Originally Posted by JVR View Post
Don't even get me started on Bandenchecks...
If I am right assuming you mean that 80% + of these calls are bulls*** because the player on the boards almost always turns away from the other player knowing what he has coming, then yes, I absolutely agree. Just talked about that today once more after one of the penalties against Frankfurt.

Originally Posted by JVR View Post
The took hitting and emotions out of the game and rewarded actors and embellishment.
I think the blame goes everywhere. I am all for zero tolerance like they call it in the NHL on hooking, holding and interference. Right now, there is just no need for an average player in the DEL to line up a good hit if you can just easily use your arms or stick to stop the other guy. But once we start actually calling players for every foul - as we should! - we have a game with a crapload of penalties and barely 5-5 play. But we should just let that happen, the players would (have to) learn after a couple of games. Then you would actually have to play the body again and the refs would see a couple more hits so they can eventually remember what good hits actually look like.

We certainly won't be able to change the average German fan that simply doesn't know hockey very well. Too many just don't realize it hurts to get a blow to the face with a stick and will therefore blindly assume the other guy is acting. We already had the stretcher out on the ice for an injured player this season and people (not all, but too many) still wouldn't stop booing and yelling at the injured player that was lying in his own blood. I never felt more disgusted by my own team's fans...

But onto more positive things: hockey is fun in Cologne again. If your looking to make a case for the potential benefit of a coaching change, look no further. The team was in ruins with Pavlov, who was as helpless as I have ever seen a coach towards the end. He's still a young coach and he can do his thing, but he couldn't adjust to the tools he had to work with. Those tools were never that bad as one can see now. The Jaspers-Ciernik-Müller line is unreal right now; especially Marcel Müller is playing out of his mind (four goals, eight points in his last two games... ) . I wonder what the limit for that guy is, I really could not tell right now. He's got all the tools.

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