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12-28-2009, 03:44 AM
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Originally Posted by KimoGionta View Post
I had people over watching this game and it's the first time I ever saw this, when Andrei scored, nobody was happy, nobody was that enthousiastic. Everybody was like "wow this was high robbery" in a sort of resignated tone.

I think the fans are getting fed up by how the Habs play.

I'm happy for Andrei, though.
My buddy and I screamed of joy when we scored. To be honest, I think we stole other games, but even if Toronto finished with 50shots, I didn't feel like that really translate the game.

Hockey is also a game of opportunities, you have to capitalize on them.

I thought the game was boring, but I don't really care as long as we win. The average fan though will care more about the entertainment side and spectacle.

If this goes on during the entire course of a season, then we have a problem, I agree. But I don't think that will happen because if it does we will end up finishing last.
There's no way we can average allowing 47shots per game for a full season.

Earlier this year, we looked better. We were missing Markov, but Hamrlik was here and like Ozy pointed out in another thread, he's leading for shots blocked. He's also a solid defensive Dman.
Not only that, but even though we didn't have a solid 2nd line, we had Plekanec providing ''secondary'' scoring while Gionta-Gomez-Cammy were playing solid.
That gave us better production at ES.

Right now, we only have the Plek line. Gomez's line is producing nothing at Even Strength. So really, Gionta's return will be huge imo.
Just as big will be Hammer's return.

I think people are panicking a little too early, which is a tradition here in Mtl.

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