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12-29-2004, 04:23 PM
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Originally Posted by NYR469
someone WILL sue to become a free agent you can bet on probably won't be a top guy like crosby but of the 290 draft eligible guys someone is gonna do it...

and they won't argue that they can't make a living, rather they will argue that they were supposed to be drafted in june, the nhl refuses to hold a draft therefore they should be considered free agents since it isn't there fault there isn't a draft...
But they would be technically free agents. They would be free to sign with any league that would have them. They could sign in Europe, or they could sign an AHL deal, but that's it. Under the lockout, the rosters are locked. No team can sign anyone until there is a new CBA, and once there is a new CBA, there will be a new set of rules regarding the draft, and the undrafted players will have to abide by those rules if they want to enter the NHL.

Besides, under the current CBA, a player that goes undrafted at 18 is not a free agent. I believe the player have to be over 20 and undrafted to be a free agent (at least for North American players). So even if they argue that they should have been drafted in June, the NHL would argue that under the old CBA, they still would have draft eligibility.

The more interesting situation will be what happens to the unsigned 2003 draft picks from Juniors. Under the old CBA, if they weren't signed by a deadline, they could re-enter the draft in 2005. If they not drafted after that, they were free agents due to their age. So what happens to Jeff Carter, for example? He currently does not have a contract and cannot be signed until the lockout is over. If the entire season is lost, he'll be too old to re-enter the draft by the time the NHL starts up again.

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