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Originally Posted by donGjohnson View Post
I'm glad you are able to play again, congrats on what must've been on helluva tough comeback. You are the man.
The first time I tore 2 ligaments, it was bad.. real bad. And after it healed, I did it again walking down the street and had to get it repaired again. The ligament this time was seen through the skin, all curled up like a ball underneath the skin.

I literally could not exercise at all for about 6 months, and depression sank in, gained lots of weight etc. The DR expressively forbade me from working out at all, as he knew I would go overkill and try to do more than my body could handle. Soon I got the OK from the DR to start working out, and within 9 months I lost 75 lbs and was in prime game shape for the hockey I play.

Now, the only thing I worry about is my ankle. I skate on a 5/8ths cut for my own safety as well as to sooth my paranoia. I feel that if I have a deeper cut like I used to, maybe my ankle will give way when I catch an edge the wrong way. It sucks because my skating could be much better than it is, but I manage to do good. I can't really do fast cross overs in a turn though, I'll lose an edge. I use my outside leg to push off 2 or 3 times kind of. It only works for me because I can accelerate fast and reach top speed before many other people even finish their first few chops haha

I will say though, I come from a good gene pool for sports, and played at a pretty high level all my life until my injuries. I'm just happy to be playing now! But because of my paranoia, I play really bad hockey the first night after getting my skates sharpened because it's still too much bite for me. I take it easy, make safe plays, and just.. relax. After a skate or two, I'm good to go. It sucks because I'm heavily relied on for scoring, forechecking, turnovers etc.

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