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Originally Posted by 94now View Post
Athroscopy is the same, the term only used by orthopeadic surgeons. Sorry for the error, but it is truly minor. The surgery is not, nowever. They drill three holes into the joint one for the fiber optic cable to provide the illumination within and get the picture to video camera. Two other holes there for the tools, because even if surgery is exploratory, as you insist (I have no idea where did you get that), some repair action such as cleaning of debris (loose ligament fibers or meniscus tissue) usually get done. As a result of intrusion, although not as major as cutting the knee open that was done some 30 years ago, the joint gets weak. The extensive PT program will start as soon as second day after procedure and will aim muscle biuild up around the joint to compensate for it.
Arthroscopic surgery is sometimes used to diagnose problems that cannot be fully determined via the normal pre-surgery methods, such as an MRI. If he was receiving significant repairs, as you insinuated when you compared the situation to that of Bure's, the likelihood of him returning in 10 days to 3 weeks is non-existent. Even minor repairs to ligaments almost always require bracing for at least a month.

Medical semantics aside, there's no reason to compare Prospal's knee scope to Bure's career ending knee problems. You're trying to incite panic based on a bunch of assumptions on your own part.

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