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09-23-2003, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Joe Oilfan

when Comrie came to camp he showed he wanted to be here. the fact that management sent him home is just more negotiating power for Lowe and co.
Of all your points, and there are some good ones(And welcome to the board btw, you will love it here.) this one I don't believe.

Pressure comes from all sides and I feel like Comrie/Winter also have to cater to the public because it also increases value.(A buddy here at work said that Georges was worth more because he is good in the community. As Joe Phan that speaks volumes.) Well, if the community loves you that increases your value in Edmonton. If public pressure increases on Lowe to sign him, then Lowe will have to acknowledge that at some point.

Lowe also said (I think it was about Poti) that sometimes the fan decides the fate of the player, and right or wrong he has to act on that fate.(Paraphrasing please forgive me if it is a little off).

If Comrie has the public on his side the more Lowe has to sign him, if the public says....blow his ass out, then out he goes. Right now, public opinion is fragmented hence the standoff.

Comrie coming to camp(and only in my opinion) has more to do with courting public opinion than anything else.

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