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09-23-2003, 11:16 AM
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Originally Posted by jar jar links
relax somebody said they were in the post. i didnt see the game but neither did true blue. messier didnt get benched is the question and the answer is simple. so simple that even you brooklyn can understand it. its a preseason game!! the third game the TEAM has played in three days, they lost 9-1 maybe they were playing out the string. murray is NOT and ill repeat it for you brooklyn NOT ready to play at the nhl level. Messier has not been the problem the past 4 years. the use of messier has been. he hasnt been our worst player. its wrong to bash him or sather after a preseason game. the results dont count.
Then you know what? They shouldn't play these damned "games." If they are for nothing than why bother? Why bother charging me regular game prices? Why bother risking players' injuries? Why bother???????

These games are for getting ready for the season. And you can't get ready for the season by treating these games any differently than a regular season game. They still call penalties, players can and are suspended for their actions in these "games", players win and lose jobs (at least in other organizations) based on these "games" and the results are published--unlike the scrimmages at training camp. Sounds like someone cares about HOW the freakin' games are played.

There need to be changes in Rangerland. Everyone in the organization blathers away about how things are going to be different this year. So, let's get with the damned program and start doing it right. Cause the clock is ticking and soon the games WILL count.

I'm so sick of the lame excuses...It's only a pre-season's only the 1st week of the's only Thanksgiving, there is plenty of's the refs's the bad ice at the Garden...there's no practice time during the season...there's too much travel...WE ONLY MISSED THE PLAYOFFS BY A COUPLE OF GAMES.

Excuses, EXcuses, EXCUSES....

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