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12-29-2009, 05:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Blueshirt Special View Post
we need size AND physical play up front as well as in front of our own net.

We will never get past the 2nd round without it, even with Lundqvist & Gabby.

AA has size and uses it well for positioning etc, and I think he will be a solid pivot, but we need wingers who hit like Cally but have 20-30 more pound of muscle and can put the puck in the net 20-25 times in 80 games.

We need at least one D-man who will punish opposing forwards in front of Henrik.

Not talking about goons/enforcers/fighters

Been saying this since the first playoff appearance (notice I didn't say "run") after the lockout.

Why, why why can't we be a more physical team? Who is it that doesn't see this? Look at the teams that are go deep year after year.

we have had time to build, and this is what we have/had? Drury? Gomez? Redden?

I love it that we got Gaborik, but we need the rest of the pie. Give me a Guerin or other seasoned winger that knows how to get the job done.

I hate watching this soft team. it sucks. and that has a lot to do with the lack of effort that is driving everyone nuts. When they play hard, they can win, but they can't play hard every night because they either do not have the size & physical strength, or the mental wherewithal to maintain that type of play night in and night out.

getting very frustrating after 5 years of "coming close" to being compatitive...

Right On!

I've said it before, I was against signing Gaborik, I still am. I'd trade him right now if it was up to me. Sure he's putting up mad numbers and on a sick scroing pace, yes, I know he's a superstar player, etc. But he isn't help this team in anyway other than more jersey sales and tickets, which are afterall most important to Dolan etc. Anyway though, like others have said, we're just going around in a circle with this. We're not winning with the crap we ice, Trxjw said it right, Gabby would've been ideal if we already had our team in place, we don't, so he's useless in the real big picture.

Sign FA Colby Armstrong
Take Adv. of Chicago's cap issues and get Buff here

those are two things right there we can do this offseason to help

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