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12-29-2009, 06:08 PM
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Originally Posted by SFKingshomer View Post
Nah, Kopitar played fine. Doughty was terrible and Quick should have stopped the Havlat shot.
Even if he played "fine", you can't win in this league if your #1 center just plays "fine" every game.

Doughty wasn't terrible and that was a hell of a shot by Havlat.

I'm not rough on JJ usually, but he was beyond awful last night. I felt he should have done more to take away the Havlat shot and he was extremely weak behind the net on the 3rd goal. Then, his pinch ultimately was the deciding factor in the game. Why is he pinching in that situation when you just tied the game? I don't want to hear that a forward should have recognized it: he never should have jumped up to begin with.

Sure he scored. All it took was another off-the-mark shot that was fortunate enough to hit the Wild player in the stomach and bounce in. He never uses his legs when he's all upper-body and it showed on the 3rd goal against: he needs to finish that guy into the glass instead of trying to just shove him as these aren't college and high-school kids out there. He isn't the strongest guy on the ice anymore and he needs to realize it.

Anyways, he was terrible and earned each of those minuses last night. I'm not a "hater" and I don't want to run him out of town or anything, but those of you that try that "+/- doesn't indicate anything ever" or "he plays with Randy Jones" or "his best games are when he is a minus" or "he just jumps on the ice right when the other team gets a breakaway and scores" need to stop embarassing yourselves: especially on the main board.

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